CleverDeck Manual

Basic Usage

Once you've installed CleverDeck, you'll first want to download a deck. If you'd like, you can also create or import your own.

Since creating flashcards is by far the most time-intensive part of using a spaced repetition system, a lot of people have spent a lot of time creating professional, high-quality decks that are included in CleverDeck for you to use. Right now, most of CleverDeck's decks focus on learning languages.

To download a deck, tap the plus icon in the upper-right corner of the main screen and select a deck from the list. There is no limit to the number of decks you can download and study at once.

Swiping Cards

After downloading a deck, the only thing you need to know to use CleverDeck is this:

When you swipe cards, you are reporting your confidence to CleverDeck. The app will take this information, along with your history of swipes, and decide when to show you a particular card again.

After you swipe a card offscreen, a bubble will appear that displays how long until you'll see that card again. Time intervals are abbreviated, so "2d" means two days, "30m" means thirty minutes, and so on. Intervals greater than one day are rounded to the nearest day.

When you finish swiping the entire stack of cards, you'll uncover a timer that counts down to the time at which you'll next need to review that deck.

New Cards Come Every Day at 5:00am

CleverDeck works by gradually feeding you new cards every day. By default, you will receive 10 new cards every morning at 5am. Once you've swiped your 10 new cards, the app will continue to present old cards throughout the day as they come up for review. Though disabled by default, it is highly recommended that you enable notifications so you know when you have cards to review.

It's common for new users to be confused about only receiving a limited number of new cards per day. After you install the app, you may be tempted to rush through dozens of cards immediately. However, you should resist. Stick to a realistic goal per day and use the app consistently to reap maximum benefits from spaced repetition. Ten cards per day over three weeks is 210 new pieces of information, managed in a way that you're likely to remember them much better than if you had just crammed them all at once.

Now that you know the basics of using CleverDeck, you might want to know more about how cards are being scheduled behind the scenes.