CleverDeck's language decks were put together with the help of teachers and language professionals from all around the world. Thanks to all the list-writers, audio-recorders, and proof-readers that have contributed to CleverDeck's international DNA.
Marwa French Marwa
Astrid French Astrid
Ezgi Turkish Ezgi
Marigel Spanish Marigel
Janna German Janna
Kaori Japanese Kaori
Seilo Japanese Seilo
Aki Japanese Aki
Kelsey English Kelsey
Cassie English Cassie
Hana Arabic Hana
Muhammad Arabic Muhammad
Talha Arabic Talha
Chiara Italian Chiara
Isabella Italian Isabella
Kristina Russian Kristina
Maria Russian Maria
Sheila Portuguese Sheila
Grace Chinese Grace
Landy Chinese Landy
YaHsien Chinese YaHsien
Katy Persian Katy
Sadaf Persian Sadaf
Sanaz Persian Sanaz