CleverDeck Manual

Study Sessions

When a deck has cards for you to swipe - either because they're new or they need to be reviewed - a number will appear next to it on the main screen.

New Cards

Each day, you will be presented with 10 new cards that you've never seen before. The number of cards is configurable in each deck's settings.

Cards that need to be reviewed always take precedence over new cards and will appear first in card stacks. This way, you don't get buried in new cards if you're struggling to keep up with your reviews. For the same reason, new cards never compound day to day if you fail to get to them. So, if you leave CleverDeck for one week, you'll still have 10 new cards for the day, not 70.

Removing Cards

When a card is new, it will appear with a red trash icon. Tap this button for cards that you never want to see again - either because you already know them, or you have no interest in learning them.

Removed cards will appear in the auto-complete listings on the Add Card screen. If you accidentally remove a card, you can add it back by searching for it there.

If you decide you'd like to remove a card after you've added it, you can long-press and remove it in the menu that appears.

You can remove many cards at once by long-pressing the red trash button on any new card. Since many decks follow a default ordering according to frequency or difficulty, this can make certain decks useful for more advanced users. For example, skipping the first 1000 cards of a language deck might be a good idea for intermediate language learners.

Reporting Problems

If you ever find a typo or error on a card, you can long-press it and send an error report to us. Error reports are typically checked and fixed within 24 hours.

If your suggested fix is implemented and you have an account, you will receive an automated email thanking you for your contribution. You can opt-out of these emails by clicking a link at the bottom of the email.

All fixes are synced to your device every time you open the app. So, when you report errors, you are helping all current and future users of CleverDeck (and we really appreciate it).

Skipping to Tomorrow

There is a hard limit of 30 new cards per day per deck. This is in order to discourage users from overwhelming themselves. However, if you'd really like to exceed that limit on a particular day, you can do so by selecting "Skip to Tomorrow" in the options menu that appears at the conclusion of a study session.

The effect of "Skipping to Tomorrow" is simply to add another batch of new cards immediately. It will not accelerate or otherwise change the review intervals of cards in the main scheduling loop. You will also get another batch of new cards at 5am the next day, as always.

Cramming Cards

At the conclusion of a study session, you can also "Review Recent Cards." In this mode, CleverDeck will present you with a stack of cards you've recently reviewed.

All swipes and card interactions in this mode have no effect whatsoever. Left-swipes will continue to put cards in the back of the stack, but up and right-swipes will not update cards' review intervals. In general, you should try not to use this function as it weakens the effect of spaced repetition.