Privacy Policy

When creating an optional account, you will be asked to enter an email address. Email addresses are only used for logging in and password resets. CleverDeck doesn't send promotional emails and will never share your email address with anyone else.

Notications are opt-in, optional, and configured locally. CleverDeck does not use a push notification service.

If logged in and sync is turned on, CleverDeck stores your deck and card progress on our servers. User-created cards are also uploaded to our servers so they can sync between installations. User-created cards may include user-selected audio or images owned by the user. User media will never be used or displayed by CleverDeck for any reason other than to provide a logged-in user with their own content.

Right now, user-created content can not be shared on CleverDeck. This means any decks or cards created by you will remain private to you. If content-sharing features are added in the future, sharing will be opt-in so that your user-created content will never be publicly available without your knowledge.

CleverDeck uses industry standard security measures to keep your information private. For example, all server communication requires HTTPS and passwords are hashed and encrypted.

CleverDeck uses established and reputable analytics services to track certain actions inside the app for the purpose of improving the app and prioritizing future development. Data is viewed in bulk, without identifying information attached. Crash reports are also collected.

CleverDeck complies with the California Online Privacy Act and does not provide your personal information or data to outside parties. CleverDeck is also compliant iwth the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPA); we never collect personal information except in the optional case of email, which is used for internal processes (syncing and password reset). For European Union customers: by using CleverDeck and creating an account, you authorize us to collect and store your information outside of the EU.

For any clarifications or questions regarding our privacy policy, email