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CleverDeck includes decks containing 3000 of the most common words in the most popular foreign languages. Cards include translations, transliterations, images, native-speaker audio, and example sentences in both English and the target language. CleverDeck's content was hand-made by language professionals and teachers.

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Click to flip. (plays sound)


Sync between devices.
Customize learning algorithm, notifications, and scheduling.
100% functional offline. Cache images and audio before a trip.
Import flashcard lists.
Robust card creation with siblings and three-sided cards.
What is spaced repetition?
Spaced repetition is a method of learning by which you review information at increasingly long intervals. So, for example, I might review something today, then tomorrow, then in four days, then in two weeks. It's a simple idea with incredible results: you end up spending much less time studying while remembering things much better over the long-term.

Furthermore, by tracking whether or not you remember things, a spaced repetition system (SRS) can customize review intervals for every individual piece of information - so you spend more time with things you're having trouble learning, and very little time with things you've mastered easily.
What learning algorithms does CleverDeck use?
CleverDeck uses the SM-2 algorithm with a few very minor customizations. This is the same algorithm battle-tested and popularized by other spaced repetition systems such as SuperMemo and Anki. Most of the algorithm's parameters can be customized in the app.
What does CleverDeck cost?
It's free to create and study your own content. Otherwise, it's $3 per month for unlimited access to all our premium decks. There's a freemium that's big enough to let you decide if the premium content is worth paying for. You should cancel if you no longer find the app useful, and I make it really easy to do that.
Will there be an Android version?
As an independent developer, I'm unfortunately very resource-limited and don't have the bandwidth to jump into Android right now. Time or money permitting, I'd love to make an Android version in the near future.