(in plain English)

On the app: CleverDeck does not upload or otherwise access any content created by users. If you create cards in the application, we can't see the terms or definitions you have used to create those cards.

CleverDeck does not require an account to use, so we are completely blind to any of your personal information, including your name or email address. CleverDeck does use an analytics service (Mixpanel) to monitor actions performed in the application. All actions are aggregated anonymously. We collect analytics to understand how people are using the application so that we can improve it in future releases.

On this website: We use Google Analytics to track actions on These actions are not associated with any of your personal information. We collect these analytics in order to understand what people are clicking and reading on the site so that we can improve its design in the future.

We have a mailing list that people can subscribe to on our front page in order to get updates about future releases of CleverDeck. Email addresses on this list will never be sold or used for any other purpose than to inform subscribers when we launch a new application.