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All the words you need to know, presented automagically.

Learning a language is rewarding, but challenging, work. No matter your language learning strategy, memorizing thousands of new words is a fact of life for us language-learners. CleverDeck was designed to handle that part for you so you can focus on actually using all the new words you're learning.

CleverDeck contains the 3000 most useful words of the language you want to learn, all with high resolution images, native speaker audio, and example sentences. Download it, open it, and the app will tell you what and when to learn.

Learn more in less time, with science!

spaced repetition

CleverDeck uses spaced repetition to present words only when you’re about to forget them...

cluster words

...enhances memory retention with audio, vivid imagery, and by clustering words by topic...

multiple study modes

...and offers study modes that engage multiple parts of your brain. Learn more.

Customize your deck, or don't.

See a new word in the newspaper? Add it to your deck. Need to prepare for a business trip? Tell CleverDeck to only focus on business words. Can’t be bothered? By default, CleverDeck will guide you through the deck in order of usefulness - a combination of frequency and common situational vocabulary.

Lots of content, made with lots of love.

Each deck was uniquely created by native speaking teachers. Remember words more easily with beautiful imagery; improve pronunciation with high quality native audio; and learn words in context with example sentences.

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