Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Android version? CleverDeck is currently only available for iOS. We'd like to release an Android version, but can't give a release date at the moment.
Are you going to release the language I want to learn? Probably. We're currently putting together German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Arabic. Greek, Chinese, and Japanese are next on the road map.
Will CleverDeck work offline? Yes! Images and audio are downloaded in the background, so the worst that can happen is that those will be temporarily unavailable. There's an option to cache content in advance in case you want to travel and have everything preloaded for the road.
How does this compare to DuoLingo? We love DuoLingo! While DuoLingo provides a more holistic approach to learning a language that includes grammar, CleverDeck was built to specifically solve the problem of memorizing tons of vocabulary. We think any serious language learner should be using both.
What dialect or accent is included in CleverDeck? CleverDeck Spanish teaches Spanish as spoken in Spain and is voiced in a standard Spain-Spanish accent. CleverDeck French teaches French as spoken in France and is voiced by a native Parisien. CleverDeck Turkish teaches Turkish as spoken in Istanbul and is voiced in a standard Istanbul accent.
How much of CleverDeck's content collection was automated? Virtually none. It would have made life a lot easier, but we couldn't get the quality we wanted by automating it. The lists were created from scratch by language teachers using grammar books and frequency lists as references. The audio was all recorded in-house on professional equipment. Example sentences were either hand-picked from or written in-house. Images were hand-picked and double-checked to be accurate representations.
How much does it cost? You can download and try CleverDeck for free. After your first 50 cards, you can then purchase more as in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 for 100 and $14.99 for the entire 3000.
Which level should I choose at the beginning? Choosing a particular level only auto-skips a certain number of cards (as noted in the app). Do your best to guess, but if you find most words are too easy or too hard, you can always reset the deck and choose again.
Why do some of my cards not have images or audio? CleverDeck tries to intelligently anticipate which cards you will see soon and downloads their images and audio in the background ahead of time. However, it's possible that certain actions will result in cards displaying before their media has had a chance to download over a slow connection. If you wait, you should see the images auto-fill when they become available. If you're connection has failed completely, then images and audio won't be available until you're connected to the internet again.
Why does CleverDeck say I don't have any more cards to study today even though I just added more? It's most likely working properly. CleverDeck follows the "Cards Per Day" setting very strictly - if you have it set to 10, no actions you take will let you see more than 10 new cards in a single day. The cards you added are now in the front of the deck and will be the first ones you see tomorrow. Also keep in mind that review cards always come before new cards - you might just need to swipe off the review cards to find your new cards underneath.
Which cards am I paying for when I purchase more? You aren't paying for specific cards - you are paying to increase your deck size. There are no restrictions on which cards you can move to the front of your deck. A card is counted as part of your deck size as soon as your swipe it for the first time. This means that cards that you trash do not count towards your limit.
When should I press the trash button on a card? The trash button is meant to remove a card forever. Press it if the card is one you already know extremely well or one you just don't want to learn. Otherwise, if it's a card you already know but would like to keep in your deck to review later, you should swipe it right.
How am I ever going to earn enough points to unlock these prizes? Don't worry - point rewards increase exponentially with a card's mastery level. Just keep going. (Also, accessing the app every day to grow your multiplier helps a lot.)

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