What is CleverDeck?

CleverDeck is a customizable spaced repetition flashcard application for learning foreign language vocabulary. Learning a new language is a big task - and learning vocabulary is a huge part of it. CleverDeck aims to make vocabulary acquisition fun, efficient, and automatic so you can progress more quickly through your language learning.

Each CleverDeck comes with 3000 cards built in - including native speaker audio, vivid imagery, and example sentences - for the most important words of a language. That's enough to reach basic fluency and learn news words from context on your own. You can learn more about the making of CleverDeck here.

CleverDeck Globe


Each CleverDeck is the dedicated work of the following international band of characters.

French Marwa Ershaidat Marwa Ershaidat Paris, France
French Astrid Boutry Astrid Boutry Paris, France
Turkish Ezgi Ay Ezgi Ay Istanbul, Turkey
Spanish Marigel Sanmartin Marigel Sanmartin Alicante, Spain
German Janna Bieker Janna Bieker Munich, Germany
USA Cassondra Puls Cassondra Puls New York City, USA
Turkish Justin Cannon Justin Cannon Istanbul, Turkey
CleverDeck was built by Justin, who has been using flashcards and software to learn French, Chinese, and Turkish since he was 14 years old. He wrote his thesis on natural language processing at MIT, co-founded and built language learning applications at Lingt.com, and has helped over 100,000 people learn Turkish on TurkishTeaTime.com.